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Medical Building Construction

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What Makes Medical Building Construction Unique? Look around any community and you’ll see medical facilities. Medical building construction is growing, and commercial contractors must keep pace with the unique challenges, issues and regulations associated with these specialty buildings. In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex we have seen a great increase in the number of medical …

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Build On Your Lot Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

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At FA Aleman, we believe nothing is more satisfying than standing in front of your new home, especially one you’ve dreamt of building. That’s why our Build On Your Lot program is the best way to bring your home ideas to life. From Build On Your Lot by Texas Built Construction “When you select …

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residential home additions

Residential Home Additions Increase your homes Value!

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In 2021, we have experienced a significant volume of homeowners wanting to add more space to their existing home. Since the pandemic had occurred and drove home prices through the roof, most homeowners are now looking to their existing home opposed to purchasing a new home to create that needed extra space. What few homeowners …

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Adding Square Feet to your Home in Metroplex?

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Residential Home additions have become a high demand item ever since the covid-19 pandemic with owners opting to add square footage to their home opposed to buying a new home in the real estate market. There are many advantages to doing this and by the far the biggest reason being adding not only space to …

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7 Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

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In the world of construction, the type of project that’s undertaken can vary among the array of different clientele that seeks to build a particular commercial structure. Certain aspects of those jobs will be similar, yet knowing the different nuances that are required are what end up making the ultimate choice of which commercial construction …

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7 Tips On Finding A Commercial Construction Company You Can Trust

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Whether you plan to build new retail space in the mall or need an entire office building constructed, your project is important to get right. You’ll need to find an experienced local commercial construction company you can trust. Sadly, there are many companies and contractors out there who claim to offer great commercial construction services. …

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tips for building a custom home

10 Tips for Building a Custom Home from Scratch

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The idea of building a custom home in Dallas is both intimidating and exciting. Unlike buying a readymade construction, you can design and construct everything according to your needs when you build your home from scratch. From hiring a builder of your choice to picking the right set of colors and the type of wood …

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Lumber Prices Begin To Recover

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After peaking at around $1,700 per thousand board feet in mid-May, lumber prices sank below $1,000 per thousand board feet this week for the first time since late March, according to Random Lengths. Since falling by approximately 23% between September 2020 and November 2020, lumber prices surged into 2021, reaching record levels beginning in March. …

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Advanced Framing vs. Traditional Framing – Which One is Best for Your Custom Home ?

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Today, we’ll be giving you an overview of the more significant differences between advanced framing techniques and traditional framing techniques. We’ll look at some of the pros and cons of each type of framing method, and help you determine why you might choose one (advanced!) over the other. So, let’s get started! Advanced Framing and …

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How to Save Money on a New Construction Home

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Building a new home comes with all kinds of costs, some expected and some unexpected. These costs start to show when you’re in the early design phase of building your house, and can start to seem overwhelming as you begin to add more features. Obviously, it’s in nobody’s best interest to go over budget when …